Monthly Archives: September 2016

Business English – Conference Calls

Are conference calls a daily struggle for you?

Then you might appreciate this funny video about what conference calls would look like if they happened in real life.


For other tips regarding teleconferencing, check out this blog¬†on etiquette, where you’ll learn the importance of punctuality, self-introductions, and the much underused mute button.


English for Life

I came across this website from the Goodwill Community Foundation that had an interesting way of presenting different life skills. It’s originally designed for people who need to practice reading in every day type situations, but I believe that many ESL learners could benefit from it, too.

The activities include using a grocery list at the supermarket, counting U.S. coins, and using bus/ subway maps. I believe these exercises would benefit adult learners that are trying to manage their daily lives in the U.S. Children might benefit from topics such as baking a cake or telling time.

Go and check it out for yourself and let me know what you think: